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Why Hire Us?

NJ Roofing Contractors - residential & commercial roofing

NJ Roofing Contractors team has over 35 years of working experience in the field of engineering and construction. We constantly train our workers to do the work the right way, by the specifications of the manufacturers. We also have multiple certifications such as GAF Certification, CertainTeed, Owen Cornings for residential roofs and Siplast, Soprema, Kemper Roofing and Firestone for commercial roofing projects.

NJ Roofing Contractors is the best residential & commercial roofing company that specializes in the installation of all kinds of roof systems. The company’s headquarters is in New Jersey. Considering the client requirements and the as-built state of the project building, we provide cost-effective roof overlay or a total roof removal and replacement. We have experienced staff who have the skills and knowledge to work on roofing projects in a commercial and residential setting.

Why Choose NJ Roofing Contractors?

There a number of reasons to choose for your roofing and other residential & commercial roofing tasks.

Innovative Home Roof Designs

Our innovative roof designs are sure to provide your home with a new look and feel.

Work with High Technology

We won't even need to go on the roof to give you an exact estimate, we'll measure your roof with our technology remotely.

Feasible Pricing

The pricing structure that we provide is really affordable and provides various options for low budgets.

Why Choose NJ Roofing Contractors

Training of employees is a must at NJ Roofing Contractors. It’s part of the team’s monthly routine, and we put it at the top of to-do list. We place a premium on both quality and speed of production. Throughout the year, we provide a variety of training sessions on themes ranging from safety and production to new techniques and materials. You’ll get superior roofing work and quality with us.

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